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Safeway Continuing Contract

CPH has been providing design services to Safeway since 2006.  The team has provided design services including major redevelopment, expansions, remodels, maintenance improvements and project tracking.  For the various types of work we have provided engineering, surveying, landscape architecture, survey services and construction administration.  Some of the recent redevelopment projects include:


Safeway Supermarket - Olney, MD – This LEED project involved the replacement of the existing 39,419 s.f. Safeway originally constructed in 1978, with the design and permitting of a 55,406 s.f. new Safeway grocery store with surface and underground parking.  The site design required the use of Environmentally Sensitive Design (ESD) practices including micro-bioretention, pervious pavement, on-site tree preservation and a partial green roof to meet strict agency requirements for stormwater treatment and Low Impact Development (LID). Extensive community and municipal interaction were also needed to facilitate the necessary entitlements. From this interaction arose the need to design and construct an on-site park, bus stop and several public use areas. Permit expediting through close agency coordination was utilized in order to meet the project's aggressive approval's schedule. The project achieved LEED Gold certification.


Safeway Supermarket - Bethesda, MD – This LEED project involved the replacement of the existing 25,568 s.f. Safeway, originally constructed in 1956, with the design and permitting of a 38,719 s.f new Safeway grocery store with two levels of underground parking.  Due to the limited size of the parcel and its location within an “overlay district,” design workshops and intensive community involvement were required to gain jurisdictional approval to construction. Unique site development features included streetscape designs for the adjacent roadways, enhanced vegetation, underground stormwater filtration, pavement heating systems, and an outdoor public use area.  While located within an urban center and with a site design to maximize the building envelope, Safeway design criteria and prototypical truck movements were maintained to ensure standard operations would be allowed. The project achieved LEED Gold certification.


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