Our staff’s extensive knowledge and combined years of experience in transportation planning and traffic engineering help us identify economically feasible solutions.


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We have experience in working with the appropriate agencies to pursue practical design exceptions that address our commitment to the safety and welfare of the public, sound engineering practice, and service to our client.  Our staff has thorough understanding of:

  • AASHTO Green Book
  • ITE Traffic Engineering Manuals
  • FDOT MUTS Manual
  • FDOT Design Standards
  • Various Other Publications at Local, State, and National Levels.


CPH has conducted traffic studies throughout the State of Florida.  Some of these included traffic impact studies for new developments and redevelopments, traffic operation studies, transportation concurrency analysis, and traffic signal design.


CPH has participated in several small to large projects totaling hundreds of millions of dollars and has design and construction experience on every type of highway, intersection, and interchange. We facilitate the design process by coordinating with our other in-house disciplines to adhere to federal, state and local design criteria. Our designs also consider the wider social, economic and environmental contexts; we employ innovative materials and construction techniques, and seek to preserve historic, scenic and environmental resources. Our experts have helped clients achieve cost, schedule and quality objectives.

CPH is recognized as one of the nation's top 500 engineering firms (as ranked by ENR Magazine) a direct result of the efforts of our staff and our successful relationship with our clients. Our ability to incorporate learned experiences and procedures into our operations helps our clients get the best product for their needs.





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